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Thomas William Roessler
Ethel J. Roessler

The photo in the title bar has Thomas William Roessler with Johannes , Maria, Anna and Alois Louis

Also spelled Roehsler Röhsler Rohsler Rössler Raeschler Roller
Thomas William Roessler born 8 Oct 1858 at Chrudin-Kreis, Landskron or Lanskroun
From Thomigsdorf, Bavaria, Austria and Damikov Czech Republic
To Wisconsin and Minnesota

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Thomigsdorf, Bohemia, Austria, where Thomas Roessler and Maria Madl were born, was a church parish in the district of Chrudin-Kreis, Landskron. The village had 222 houses and 1348 inhabitants, mainly of German descent. The parish church, a rectory, and a school were under the patronage of obregheithchen (‘people in charge.) The village has been renamed Damikov and is now in the Czech Republic.1 A copy of the document listing the surnames and the number of houses for each name in 1870-1875 shows one Paar household, several Roessler, Janisch, and Roller households.2 These names have genealogical ties. There are many listings of Roesslers and when researching the Roessler roots, the Roesslers living at Waseca and Elysian, Minnesota, stated that they were not related to Thomas Roessler. However, that claim can not be proved or disproved now. It does seem more than coincidental that there were seven houses in Damikov listed as Roessler households and that many Roesslers immigrated to Wisconsin. The 1880 Wisconsin census shows two different spellings for the Roesslers who immigrated from Austria, Bavaria, and Prussia.3
Based upon the information compiled in 1982 by Esther Anderson, 1st cousin to Lewis Roessler,4 the following are said to be the ancestors of Thomas Roessler and Maria Madl. In 2008 some documents in the Czech Republic were searched. That information, “October 23, 2008 Update”, can be found in the first pages of the Footnote References.
IGNATZ MADL married MINNA (mnu=maiden name unknown); was a landowner and tradesman; lived about 80 years. Children:
(i) John, Austrian army officer; unmarried; reported to have been very musical—played piano, guitar, and violin.
(ii) Anna died in 1910; married but no children.
(iii) Herman, first to die, no other information.
(iv) Hermina (Minna) married -Neisser; two children we know of: Otto, b= 1906?; Fritz, b=1908?
(v) Maria, b=February 02. 1860. She was baptized by Chaplain Ignatz Roller. Older than Anna and Hermina but actual year span unknown.

1. MATHES (MATHIAS) ROSSLER/ROESSLER was Catholic and lived in Thomigsdorf #179. He married JOHANNA HAUSLER, legitimate daughter of Anton Hausler and wife (MNU).
2. FRANZ ROSSLER-son of Mathias and Johanna Roessler, was Catholic and lived in Thomigsdorf. By trade he was a stonecutter and/or a silk weaver. It is also reported that he had an opportunity to attend Leipzig Music Conservatory. He married ANNA PAAR, 11 November 1851. Anna was Catholic, the daughter of Johann and Anna Marina (Janelle) Paar, a shoemaker from Thomigsdorf #117. Franz and Anna lived in house #183 and were parents of six children:
3. (i) FRANZ born 02 May 1852
4. (ii) ALOYS born 03 March 1854
5. (iii) PHILLIP born 30 April 1856
6. (iv) THOMAS WILLIAM, born 08 October 1858 in Thomigsdorf, Bohemia, Austria, and the only child to
immigrate to the USA. He was baptized by Chaplain Johann Schembera on 09 October.
7. (v) JACOB born 25 July 1861; tailor by trade and did not immigrate.
8. (vi) ANNA born 25 April 1864.

. (iv) THOMAS WILLIAM ROESSLER is said to have eloped with MARIA MADL >. making their way to Hamburg and on to Baltimore, USA. Anderson’s 1990 letter has them being married by a priest during that time.5 However, records in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, show them married 17 January 1880.6 Either a second

ceremony was necessary because they didn’t have sufficient documentation of the marriage in Europe, or it is just a colorful story in the Anderson letter. In the Wisconsin 1880 census, Thomas and Maria are listed as living in the household of Carl Roller at Aztalan, WI. This family could be the “aunt in Wisconsin” referred to in Anderson’s 1990 letter. Note in above text, that a priest with the name of, Ignatz Roller baptized Maria. The actual date of immigration is in question because the 1900 Federal census has 1880 and 20 years in USA versus 1878 recorded in the 1920 census with naturalization in 1902.8 I have not reviewed the naturalization document available in Ramsey County Courthouse, roll 45, code 130; vol. 21.
Thomas died 10 June 1937 and is buried at Forest Cemetery, Saint Paul, MN.9 Maria died 31 January 1889 and Anderson wrote in her letter of 1990 that Maria died from an infected tooth. Esther Anderson wrote Maria’s given name as Maria Louise. I used only Maria because Thomas recorded only that name as the given name for her. (See page 8 in Footnote References.) Esther Anderson wrote Maria’s given name as Maria Louise. I used only Maria because Thomas recorded only that name as the given name for her. (See page 8 in Footnote Reference Section.)
Marie’s surname is spelled differently in the documents Lewis Roessler has: Anderson’s information has Modi and Madl. I have used Madl because that is the spelling recorded in the Wisconsin marriage record and by the person who translated notes written by Thomas in his black notebook. The translator also said that Madl was a Dutch name.
Four children were born to Thomas and Maria at Waterloo, Jefferson County, Wisconsin (information as recorded by Thomas and translated)10:
8. (i) Johannes, b=03 September 1880 at 8:45 p.m. (See addendum at the end of this text.)
9. (ii) Alois (Louis), b=14 February 1882 at 9:45p.m.
10. (hi) Maria/Mary, b=18 May 1884 at 11:00 p.m.
11. (iv) Anna b=29 September 1886 at 6:00 a.m. Died age 12 in California.
After Maria’s death four ladies took the children. Eventually Johannes, Maria, and Anna were adopted.11 Louis remained with Thomas.
9. (ii) Alois (Louis), second oldest child of Thomas and Maria (Madl) Roessler, lived with his father in Wisconsin and after Maria’s death they moved to Rochester, MN. He learned to play the mandolin and baritone. In 1896 he became a member of the Rochester Park Band and other musical groups (see obituary, next page). He loved to skate on the Zumbro River and it seems that was how he found Anne Josephine Solum, a beautiful Norwegian girl, who was also an excellent skater and eventually became his wife. They had seven children:
(i) Carleton (ii) Ethel (iii) Robert (iv) (Louise (v) Martin (vi) Lydia, and (vii) Lewis J.
As of January 2007, Lewis is the only sibling living. He and his wife Dolores live in Rochester, Minnesota.
10. (iii) Mary married Hugo A.F. Keller in Wisconsin and lived there for several years and then, moved to Mankato, MN. Eventually they moved to the Twin Cities, MN. They were parents of 4 children:
(i) Esther Electa, b= in WI on 24 February 1907. She married an Anderson. Esther did preliminary research on the Roessler Genealogy in 1982.

(ii) Ruth Mary, b=15 October 1909 in WI.
(iii) Eunice Harriet Sophia, b=12 April 1913 in MN.
(iv) Ethel Phoebe, b=25 November 1920 in MN.
LOUISA ALBRECHT. second wife of Thomas. They were married 15 September 1890. She was born March 1874 in Wisconsin. The 1900 Federal census shows her and Thomas living at 452 third St. S. Broadway, Rochester, MN, and parents of two children. Date and place of Louisa’s death is unknown at this time. Louisa and Thomas had two (?) children (data from the census): No additional information about their two (?) children: 10. (i) Oscar age 8, born July 1891. – 11. (ii) Josephine age 4, born August 1895
Anderson listed a daughter of Thomas and Louisa by the named of Louise. She married a Reed. Their daughter
Lela Reed lived in Council Bluff, Iowa.
(The two genealogy charts by Anderson do not agree as to the number of children from this marriage. Anderson
also stated that Louisa probably died in childbirth. Also, the spelling of Louisa’s maiden name by Anderson is
contrary to how it is recorded in the marriage records at Jefferson County.)12
ELLA ALBRECHT. sister of Louisa and third wife of Thomas. Date and place of marriage is unknown at this time. The 1900 census shows Ella Winkleman, age 28, living in the Thomas Roessler household with her son Elmer, age 4, (“nephew” to head of house) and Sida, age 3, “niece” to Thomas. (See page 5 in References). Elmer died in WWI and is buried in England. Ella and Thomas were parents of three children:
12. (i) Edward- married but no children and “died young”.
13. (ii) Margaret- married but no children.
14. (iii) Baby girl died in infancy.
Date and place of Ella’s death is unknown at this time. (Records at the Minnesota Historical Society have not been researched by me.)
ELIZABETH (MNU), fourth wife of Thomas. Vital information regarding her and marriage data are unknown at this time. The 1920 census shows that she was fifteen years younger than Thomas and living in St. Paul. Refer to Esther Anderson’s letter for information about Elizabeth.
4/2002- Phone contact with Forest Lawn M. Cemetery caretaker who said Thomas is buried in a single grave and
neither Louisa nor Ella are buried at that cemetery.


6. (i) John Robert Roessler was nine years old when his mother died in 1889. As was common in those days when one parent dies and the other parent is unable to care for the young children, John and two of his siblings were adopted, each by a different couple. John’s adopted parents were Mr. and Mrs. Wetmore.2 Around 1900-1901 John and adopted parents moved to Jan Jose, California. He worked for the Osen Motor Company and because of his mechanical talent, became head mechanic. During 1918 John secured a lease on a lot at the corner of Capital and Alum Rock avenues and built a garage where he “did first class repair work on all makes of cars… and built up a splendid business.”3
On 18 August 1906 John married Adelaide Schroeder, born 1883, daughter of Clark and Johanna (Piltz) Schroeder. Mr. Schroeder was a general contractor and did a great deal of work on the construction of the San Francisco roads and streets. When Adelaide was a young girl, her father purchased a 400 acre stock ranch in the San Antonio Valley, east of San Jose. Adelaide’s family lived in San Jose where she attended a private school.
In 1920 John built a home not far from his business. All of his children attended private schools. Eventually John and Adelaide divorced and John boarded with her parents. John died in a mine accident sometime between the years 1935-1938. The story about the accident is that John was trying to hold back a big bolder that was keeping one of the magnesite tunnels from caving in. He did so just long enough for everyone else to escape.4 He is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, San Jose, CA.5 John and Adelaide were parents of four children: (i) Loal (ii) John Mathias (Jack)
(iii) Vernon, married “several times” and at age 75, he and his wife Linda had a daughter.
(iv) Clark Thomas
(iv) Clark Thomas, b=26 March 1919; d= 29 January 2005, was named after his grandfather, Thomas William Roessler, and the youngest and the last of John’s offspring to die. Clark was Lorelei’s father. The only men left in the “branch” of John Robert Roessler are Keith Owen Roessler (brother to Lorelei) and his son, Kurt Thomas; and Vernon Jr, the son of Vernon (John’s son). Clark was also very talented musically. He didn’t have music lessons and “couldn’t read a note” but he could play the guitar, banjo, accordion, piano, and harmonica.
According to Clark’s birth certificate, his given name was Klaus. It is unknown when he changed his name to Clark Thomas.6
Marriage Announcement of Jack M. Roessler
(Son of John Robert Roessler, and uncle to Lorelei Roessler Miss Zingheim To Be Married To J.M.Roesler
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Zingheim wish to announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Victoria Zingheim, to Jack M. Roessler. The marriage took place at Carson City, Nevada, August 24. After a brief trip through the Tahoe country they returned to their home in the San Antonio valley for a short stay and are now residing in San Jose.
(Lorelei Roessler assumed the announcement was from the San Hose Mercury newspaper.)
Obituary for John Robert Roessler
ROESSLER—Entered into rest near Livermore, Calif., May 9, 1935, John Robert Roessler, devoted husband of Adelaide Roessler, loving father of Mrs. Sidney Hill, Jack, Vernon, and Clark Roessler; beloved grandfather of Freddie, Irene and Vernon Hill; beloved son of Mrs. M. Wetmore; a native of Wisconsin, aged 54 years, 8 months and 6 days. Friends are invited to attend the funeral today (Saturday) May 11, 1935, at 1 o’clock p.m. from the “Funeral Home” of Curry & Gripenstraw, 48-50 North Third street. Interment Oak Hill Memorial Park. Funeral parking provided.
(Typed as written in a newspaper Lorelei Roessler assumed was the San Hose Mercury newspaper.)
1 The source for the following information and pictures is Lorelei Roessler, 5058 Emiline Dr., San Jose, CA 95124 (408) 559-3739
2 From John’s obituary.
3 From the Santa Clara County History
4 Told to Lorelei by her father, Clark Thomas Roessler.
5 When Lorelei (ggrandaughter to Thomas Roessler), visited the cemetery late January, 2007, she found that John is buried in the Schroeder family plot, along with his Schroeder-in-laws. There are no markers for anyone buried in the plot. Apparently only the map of the cemetery plots furnished the location of their graves.
6 Information in an email, February 02, 2007, from Lorelei Roessler

Rohsler (Roessler) Genealogy Update (October 23,2008 and January 2009 Sister Charlotte Dusbabek)
The following specific information is taken from recent translations of German documents by Gerhard Hickl,1 a friend of Lorelei Roessler. He did some genealogy research on his ancestors and since some of our Roessler ancestors were covered in the same books, he kindly included them in his search. During the past couple of weeks, Mr. Hickl E-mailed to me and Lorelei copies of documents and his translation of the documents. The source of his information was from Geburtsbuch der Gemeinde Thomigsdorf, 1851-1868, Tom. XV, fol. 120, Archive # 1091N and Heiratsbuch der Gemeinde Thomigsdorf. Tom. IX, Archives# 1093O, tel. 71. Those books are at The State Regional Archives in Zamrsk, CZ. (The N stands for birth, the O stands for marriage, a Z indicates death, and fol. means page number.) The handwriting on copies of documents is Kurrent an old form of German handwriting, , *

Mathes Rohsler and wife (MNU were parents of Mathes Rohsler, born 09 January 1796 at Thomigsdorf #37. Source *

Anton Hausler and wife (MNU) were Catholic’; parents of legitimate daughter, Johanna, born 24 April 1787 at Thomigsdorf # 157 or 151. Source*

Mathes Rohsler married Johanna Hausler 15 November 1818. Priest, Franz Bohm officiated and witnesses were Vallentin (?) and Johann Frodl, a cottager. Mathes and Johanna were parents of legitimate son, Franz Rohsler, born 16 February 1821 at Thomigsdorf, #179. His’godparents were Franz Hiibl, farmer, and Anna Marie Rohsler, gardener. Source * .•
In another document, the house number was 183 and the same house number also given for Franz and Anna (Paar) Rohsler.
Source*: Birth-Marriage and Death records of the parish Thomigsdorf, Vol. Ill, Page 291.

Johann Janele2, farmer at Triibitz, a Catholic and farmer, and wife (MNU) were parents of legitimate daughter, Anna Marie, born 22 Aug. 1824. She was baptized by Chaplain Ignatz Roller. God parents were Elizabeth Frodl and Wenzl Muller.

Johann Paar, a shoemaker, Thomigsdorf # 117, married Anna Marie Janele; they were parents of Anna, born 22 August 1824.

Franz Rohsler, a cottager, Catholic, and married Anna Paar, 11 November 1851, in Thomigsdorf. They lived in house #183.3 They were parents of six children, Source: Geburtsbuch der Gemeinde Thomigsdorf 1851-1868, Tom. XV, fol. 120, Archive #1091N.

Franz b=02 May 1852 1091N, fol. 13
Aloys b= 03 March 1854 1091N, fol. 44
Philip b=30 April 1856 1091N, fol. 74
Thomas b=08 October 1858 1091N, fol. 120. Thomas was baptized 09 October by Chaplain Johann Schembera.
Jacob b=25 July 1861 1091N, fol. 74
Anna b=25 April 1864 1091N, fol. 71

1 Gerhard lives in Gaweinstal. It is roughly 30 km north of Vienna, Austria.
2 One of the major differences in Mr. Hickl’s translation versus what had been passed on by Anderson is the surname for Anna Parr’s mother. According to Gerhard, the old German script could have been misread and the surname recorded by Anderson as Panele instead of Janele.
3 Heiratsbuch der Gemeinde Thomigsdorf, Tom. IX, Archives # 1093O, fol. 71.

John R. Roessler
The following article about John R. Roessler, oldest son of Thomas and Maria Roessler, was found in the book, History of Santa Clara County, California, pp. 1010-1011, (published in 1922) and scanned as an attachment in an email to me from John’s granddaughter Loreili Roessler. There is an error by the author, Eugene T. Sawyer, as to the birthplace of Thomas Roessler. Thomas was bom in Austria, not Australia. I also question Sawyer’s writing that Thomas Roessler’s occupation was a tinner and sheet metal worker. According to information and pictures from Lewis Roessler (grandson of Thomas) Thomas was a musician.
Loreili had difficulty scanning the article, resulting in the first part of the biographical sketch being missed. I have typed that missing portion as it was written.
Sister Charlotte Dusbabekl
JOHN ROBERT ROESSLER—Determination to succeed is inherent in John Robert Roessler, and this brief sketch will show where this characteristic will lead, if coupled with industry and thrift. A native of Portland County, Wis., he was born six miles from Waterloo, September 3, 1880, the son of Thomas.. .(continued below)
Roessler, a tinner and sheet metal worker, who came from Australia to Wisconsin: Mrs. Roessler passed away when John Roessler was a young lad. He is the oldest of a family of four, the next being Lewis, a resident of Rochester, Minn.; Mary, now Mrs. Kelly, residing in St. Paul, Minn., and Laura, who passed away at the age of twelve.
John Roessler attended the public schools of Waterloo, but had very little time for education, as he was obliged to make his own way when very young, working on dairy and cattle farms in Wisconsin until he removed to California. Having worked as a blacksmith and wagon maker in Wisconsin, his natural inclination was toward the mechanical, and when he arrived in San Jose in 1901 he was employed with the Osen Motor Company, very soon becoming the head mechanic He remained with them until 1918, having charge of all the service work, unloading new cars and getting them into . shape for selling. During 1918 he secured a lease on a lot at the corner of Capitol and Alum Rock avenues and built a garage, and here he does first-class repair work on all makes of cars.
On August 18, 1906, Mr. Roessler was married to Miss Adelaide Schroeder, a native of California, born in San Francisco, a daughter of Clark and Kath-erine Schroeder. When Mrs. Roessler was a girl of twelve, her father purchased a ranch in the San Antonio Valley east of San Jose, which consisted of about 400 acres of land, and engaged in the stock business, the family making their home in San Jose, where Mrs. Roessler was educated. Mr. Schroeder was a general contractor and did a great deal of work on the construction of the San Francisco roads and streets. He passed away in 1903 and the cattle ranch was sold. Mrs. Schroeder later became Mi*s. Nash and resides in Oakland.
In 1910 Mr. Roessler bought a lot and built a home on Alum Rock Avenue not far from his place of business, and here the family have continuously resided. They are the parents of four children, Loal, Jack, Vernon and Clark, all attending private school in San Jose. An expert mechanic, Mr. Roessler has built up a splendid business and has all the work he can handle. In politics he is a Republican.

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